dimanche 7 février 2010

day 730: a shredder never surrenders...

G day,

Who the hell is that? a disappeared shredder? not exactly...

As you are going to see, I have never stopped training since April 2009 and my determination have never been so merciless.

I have faced amounts of problems and small but crippling injuries (elbows and knees, back pain, left shoulder) but I have always been convinced that sport has become a necessary foundation in my life: it has not changed it, it has transformed it, day after days...

~ A lot of things has evolved in my life since I have stopped posting on the blog ~

First, I have discovered a new sport that bring me a complementary muscular request to the training: Kick-Boxing ! I spend 2h/week training with other guys in a club, and few other at home working shadow boxing, speed and flexibility. The club is essentially composed of hardcore kickboxers and trust me, for a beginner like me it's really hard as hell...


My current goal is to become a complete athlete and fighter by working techniques and power.

I also look for improving my posterior chain (deadlifting), my gluts, my pectoral (and additionaly my calfs and forearms...).

Here is some other pics of my actual shape and transformation:

your opinions are welcome...

See you later guys,


lundi 30 mars 2009

day 416: Suffering Gynecomastia

G' day shredders,

It has been months I havn't reply any news concerning my current M4. So now it's time for some breaking (good and bad) news:

I have been a little busy during the past weeks because I have continued my real time accountability on an other site reporting all my workouts since february. Here is the link (sorry, it's in french):

Secondly, an other thing has definitly trapped me since two months: I have developped a form of bilateral gynecomasty that means abnormal enlargement of a man's breasts. We shouldn't talk about "boobs" in my case but it hurts me and it's embarassing for practising bench press efficiently as you should imagine.

The doctor told me it may comes from too many proteins, I don't think it could be possible to developpe an hormonal disease from "too many" whey pro..

-> a picture illustrating the effect <-

I really hope that this bad evil is going to disapear very soon..I shall inform you shredders!

Concerning M4 It goes as I have planned it, that's well. I have taken some relevant mass in the back and shoulder, in the legs and some in the arms and chest (that didn't occured for 6months).

- I'm gonna post some picks asap -

Other point, that's less pleasant: my BF grow up from 11% to 13%. My abs has disappeared !!! (lol). I know it's the deal to take some relevant mass so I don't care about fat. Remember guys:


Hope you have all understood why I was a little more "missing" during the past months. My vision of Real Time transformation has evolved, it has became a physical and psychical part of my Life! I'm posting now because you miss me a lot shredders and I want to continue to make you share my evolution and my sports discoveries!

Bless you shredders,


samedi 7 février 2009

day 365: 1 year to PFG! Breaking News

G' Day Shredders,

Today I celebrate a very important birthday for me, I celebrate the birth of a child in my heart whose name is Hope, PFG, a project that has never leaved me since 365days, every single day It permitted me to push away my limits.

I would never have been able to hope to be still among you after so many efforts, so many failures and disappointments, but I'm already here and I have never been so definite and confident to the future..2009 will be massive!!!

This date represents not only the first anniversary of this blog, my child, but also the end of mission 3 and the beginning of a new training strategy for me: End of Bodyweight workout, beginning of Iron Weight training, Oh Yeah! M4 starts now! goal? Mass (no more)

I have just taken some photos of all this New Stuff, I have to admitte that I have brought the last stones to all of which we can hope of a good gym: bars, iron, a solid bench, Let's Do It!

All New Stuff !

Now let's get a look at some pictures of the last step of my transformation (It has been a little downed by one month of exhausting finals..):

"pay your smile bro!" (LoL)

- December 2008 -

<- no more smile but there is all the same of happiness behind this face ^^

-> Sorry for the bad quality of the pics, it have been taken by a friend with his mobil phone..

with some light, just after training..be sure it doesn't look so huge in reality O_0

<- January 1st, first shoots for 2009!->

Special thanks to:

ps: a special message for you Dougal, please receive all my prayers of good recovery, hope you gonna come back with us soon! God Bless Vitamine E ^^

Bob, back and stronger than ever

No surrender, no mercy

lundi 19 janvier 2009

Our redeemer lives


No n° in the title today because it isn't an accountability post shredders, I can't wait more longer to post this video (if you havn't heard about this story before, of course) It really changed my vision of life in this beginning of 2009:

It's the kind of thing that open my eyes, literally kicked my ass and simply..made me crye: I have to recognize it, I'm strongly affected by this story, not only a tragic destiny, not only an exemple of faith and heart of a father toward his son but definitely an exemple of courage and dedication for all the shredders of the sphere. For sure after looking at this video my 2009 will never be the same, I gonna overcome all my weaknesses!

It's unbelievable to look at this man running out of strengh, drivin his son after one of the most difficult triathlon in history: "the Iron Man", I would say that he deserve this name more than all athletes I have ever seen (remember he is suffering from a heart desease O_o). After this, repeat after me: be sure I WILL NEVER SURRENDER AGAIN!

-> here it is: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zFVGdZOhlL0

Finally, I send to you this video as a message of hope in a world of pain and despair. There is no ESCUSE! Just a life we have to deserve, respect and fight for:

"I CAN do all
Things through
Him who
strengthens me"

Philippians 4:13

A tribute to Dick and Rick Hoyt, from Massachussetts:

" YES, we CAN "
ps: for those who are waiting for my come back, look at my blog for the next 2weeks..

mercredi 17 décembre 2008

day 313: A Quickie...I Will Be Back!

G' Day Everybody!

What happened to me? that is the question!

Well, after posting every weeks during 233days I must recognize that I felt a little bored about every-single-workout-accountability. That's why I can easily understand the reasons that have excluded me from the sphere...
Be sure that I have not leaved my current Mission 3 and that I'm determinated to take mass and think:
->Big and Strong as far as I can <-
I'm no longer afraid about fat and BF that has a little bit broken my progress during the past 80days. I'm regrettably trapped by finals until the end of january but february should be violent!!!

Be sure I will never surrender,
ps: I will be looking at you with a friendly eye shredders..

dimanche 28 septembre 2008

day 233: Introducing M3

Back again shredders,

I'm sure that some of you were wondering what happened when I didn't update my blog for 10days. In fact, I have began a very important semester of studies and my emotional life is actually uncertain (I had to regulate some details) it is why I was and I shall be away a little more during my next missions. I apologize for that...

After more than 200days of intense trainings I have learnt how my body reacts and what exercice is the more efficient for each part of my body.

For example, dumbells are more efficient for my arms than bodyweight exercices...

Because I'm bored to practice bodybuilding as a way to build the perfect image of what I want to look like more than a way to feel good, I have decided that I would take less body evolutions pictures and stop looking at me at the mirror saying "My God, I took some fat, I can't see my abs anymore" <- it's ridiculous, right?
My M3 goals would be to take some muscle mass but I don't get in mind some precise goals. I just want a little more muscles, avoid the fat (if possible) and get stronger! I'm forced to admit that I have almost achieved my natural physical limits by my own means of training (without coaching or precise and complicated plans, without eating like an ogre all day long).

Now let me introduce my new training partner whose name is Turbo! ("training booster") the next chapter of my Bw program realized in 2007. It's based on a lot of nutrition tips and good advices to break down stagnation: Hope that it's gonna work on me ^^

I put some body evolution pictures just because it havn't post any for long time...

<- With the smile... ...Without it ->
What do you prefer? [lol]

This M3 start NOW and will be closed for the first birthday of pfg-workout.blogspot.com/day 365..

Until next time, ...(of course, Shred Hard!!).


mercredi 17 septembre 2008

day 221: My road to redemption...

G'day shredders and welcome for a big reveal! What happens? For the past few days I spend my time searching for the pictures of my holidays summer 2007 and I finally found them on the Facebook page of a friend...Trust me, it wasn't easy for me to look at this!
I have decided to put a short review of my Body transformation in order to show that everything is possible if you get the strong determination to overcome the problem!

In fact, day after day I trye to put the past behind me. This symbolic range of the "day-after-day" accountability (for me it was more like a "week after week..") have played a very important part of my body transformation that's why I have to thanx all people on the net and all people who supported me on the sphere. Without your kind words, I wouldn't have been so fare...

<---1year separating the 2parts of this panoramic review; when I look at this pictures I feel...

...satisfied and horrified at the same time...

Even if I have never met this guy excepted on the internet, I have especially to thanx Mr Olivier Lafay, my body transformation menthor who has invented an amazing bodyweight program who literally kicked me out of my limits!

"One more thing...this Road To Redemption project is much bigger than just this video. It will include anyone who wants the same experience I've had"

Adam Waters.

These words have driven me all along these 200days transformation. It has become my own way to redemption, I knew that It was possible, as Adam prooved it to be...Thank you mate.

As Adam told us, a lot of people like to make a lot of years plans, an "approach destined to lead most people to failure because of the human condition known as procrastination".
I'm am slowly understanding what it means, I'm loosing my entire life making plans to live a better futur without receiving that this future is already there and that I continue to reject my life in the futur...

I know that Body transformation hasn't solved all my internal problems. I'm agree that I get a complicated personality probably because I have endured a lot of personal problems in my life (friendship, family..), trust me I'm not a Spartan warrior; even if my heart is bleeding day after day, even if I'm not born to fight, I'm determinated to fight for a better life!
I'm strongly determinated to put a definitive end to this frustrating years of physical and moral weakness. This Real Time Transformation has permitted me to cure a part of the plague who pervaded my life during the past few years; Repeat after me: "I want to know happiness!!!"
Remember that everyone get the right to become better and be happy, you all get the power to overcome your fears and live your dreams!
I make the promise to help all those who have decided to drive their life in the same way!!!